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Over 50 years of combined experience in creative communications and audio-visual production

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Calabash was founded by African singer, activist and strategic communications guru, Nde Ndifonka, after identifying a need for an agency that could service the growing humanitarian community and to connect the music community more effectively to advocacy.

Over the years, the increasing need to connect humanitarian work to development and economic resilience, coupled with rapid urbanisation and digitisation in Africa, has spawned the need for a more creative agency that can transform the bland nature of development visibility, to compete against corporate machinery and deliver the cutting-edge advocacy and communications campaigns necessary to foster the achievement of the SDGs. 

This spurred the evolution of Calabash from just a music and talent management/booking label to a full-fledged agency that now specialises in audio-visual production of digital tools, talent management/booking, communications, data analysis, events management, digital marketing, lobbying and entertainment business/IP consulting across several African markets, including Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Cameroon, Chad and Ghana.

Today Calabash employs over 60 young, passionate and dynamic Africans in 5 countries. Our clients include UN agencies, multinationals, record labels, and scores of successful African talents and high profile individuals.

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