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"Playing next to stars was amazing." - World Refugee Day 2022

Calabash Media joined forces with UNHCR and the Ministry of Arts and Culture to celebrate World Refugee Day and World Music day via soccer, music, rountables and a solidarity march.

Refugees played opposite Cameroon music stars in a gala match onJune 20 in Yaounde, to raise awareness about refugee issues in the build up to #WorldRefugeeDay.

"It was proof of inclusion, social cohesion & solidarity with refugees," said Elano Ndiguilembaye, refugee coach.

"Playing next to stars was amazing. They played against us with humility, there was no barrier between us and that really touched me," said refugee goalkeeper

Emmanuel Ambei.

The stars included Roger X-Maleya and @WaxDey (the refugees edged the musicians 2- 1).

Before the game, a "Solidarity March" saw 200 refugees & Cameroonians dance on the streets of Yaounde to lively rhythms from INJS activity leaders and band.

"There are times in the lives of refugees when they are sad or going through stuff. Today was not one of those days," said Emmanuel.

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